Attorney is the person who practices law. He is the person who uses his knowledge to solve specific legal problems. Lawyer’s job involves the practice and application of abstract legal theories.

Introduction to Attorneys

Attorney is the person who works as lawyer, advocate, counsel, and attorney at law, barrister at law, civil law notary, counselor, common lawyer, canonist or any public servant. This person plays a vital role in performing legal services as well.

There are many people worldwide who hire lawyers in order to get legal advice and for other legal services also. The basic role of a lawyer is to perform different legal actions on behalf of the state or any person.

Education for Attorneys

The education priorities can vary from country to country. Most of the countries worldwide require their Attorneys to get formal education in any Faculty of Law from established Universities and also in general undergraduate college.

The faculty gives their student the Degree of Masters or Bachelor of law degree. Countries like UK and US also teach their students law at primarily level for the development of basic knowledge and understanding. They use advance examinations and additional course work in series at government selected special institutes.

The training course of law in America is known as BPTC (Bar Professional Training course). Once you complete this course you’ll be termed as Barrister.

There is a diploma for the students who want to study the non-law subjects at bachelor’s degree level called GDL (Graduate Diploma in law). For those who don’t wish to undertake this diploma there is another option called LPC (Legal practice course) and BPTC.

To sum up, educational system of attorneys is quite different from one country to another country. There are some countries who require practical training in the form of special courses however, others might not require any such practical work.

Some countries follow casebook method for the training of attorneys. They take examination under the supervision of professors and this method is known as Socratic Method. Depending on particular country, the courses and method varies.

Types of attorneys

There are many types of attorneys depending upon their specializations and legal capabilities. If anyone wants to hire an attorney, they should find the special attorney for their specific legal problem.

Different attorneys and their areas of practice might vary vastly. They attain specializations and practice in specific fields to get maximum experience. Some common types of attorneys are:

  • Personal injury attorney, State planning attorney, Bankruptcy attorney, Intellectual property attorney, Employment attorney, Attorney corporate, Immigration attorney, Criminal attorney, Medical malpractice attorney, Workers’ compensation attorney, Family attorney, Contract attorney, Social security attorney, Civil litigation attorney, General practice attorney.
  1. If you meet with an accident like car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you will need a personal injury lawyer. This type of attorney has specialized in personal damages caused by other parties.
  2. The other type is state planning attorney where the attorney holds a specialized degree in wills and trust. These attorneys help people to pass on their assets. These attorneys also help in building trusts in the name of parents, children or other relatives.
  3. The bankruptcy attorney comes into action when anyone is suffering from financial crisis Hiring bankruptcy attorneys might be very helpful. These type of attorney lawyers will suggest and advise what is best for you according to your circumstances and they will also help in determining alternative options which you may want to explore.
  4. The next attorney is Intellectual property attorney. Client can discuss the issues related to their copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial designs and trade secrets.
  5. The other type is Employment attorney. If a company or an industry has issues or problems related to the employees, or if the employees have any problems with the companies, they employment attorney or lawyer will suggest some advice for their issues and come up with some employment contract that works for both of them.
  6. If anyone has their own corporation then they will consult with the corporate attorney. Corporate attorneys help in dealing with different issues that young or developed corporations face, they also tackle general corporate compliance issues.
  7. If anyone has a criminal charge on him then he will need a criminal attorney that will help them. This attorney’s job is related to the criminal laws and many issues for example bail, arrest, assignment, pleas and many other criminal trails.
  8. If there is someone who is facing any type of tax issues then they will need a tax attorney. Tax attorney will help them and provide the advice on the tax issues that they are facing. They have specialization in many intricacies of federal, state and local tax laws.
  9. There are some lawyers who can handle wide range of legal issues. They don’t have specialization in particular areas of law. These are called general practice attorney. If anyone is having a legal issue and is not sure which lawyer to hire, he should consult a general practice attorney.

Last but not the least, attorneys might help in solving complex legal issues for you.

Salaries of attorneys

The salaries of lawyers are varying, from case to case and also from specialization to specialization. The best paid salary for an attorney is one lac eighty six three hundred and fifty dollar and the lowest paid salary is eight thousand nine hundred fifty dollars. Best salary for state attorney is one lac ninety two thousand one hundred and eighty dollars. The best salary for employment attorney is two lac twenty two hundred nine seventy dollars. So as we can see the salaries vary from case to case according to the trend.