Hairstyles for short hair

Cute short cut for curly hair (1)

If you have a round face, you can dye your hair light brown and leave them a bit messy and wavy to get the perfect hair look. This is the soft and effortless style that can balance your face while leaving your hair curly yet voluminous.

Lovely short stacked bob for the face with round shape

This style can be created when you leave enough long hair at the front but less bulky and short hair at the back. This style can be spiced up by straightening them and giving subtle red colour to ends for the completion of this look.

Beautiful braided bob for natural hair

Cut your hair up to the length of your chin. This will make your face look narrow. Braids can be styled by anyone if you have enough natural hair. You can do the braid yourself if you are a little bit creative.

Short shaggy cut for rounder face:

If you have a round face and you are looking for a short hairstyle, this short shaggy cut is for you. It can frame your face as well, so it is considered a slimming haircut. If you have a chubby face, you can cover it by adding baby bangs to your textured hair. If you don’t like baby bangs you can go for longer choppy bangs.

Short Pixie Bob with long layers.

Long layers of short pixie bob are not only just stylish but also look cute and trendy. This style is designed for ladies with growing pixie cuts. This style looks great on round faces with textured end and choppy layers. If this style is cut from the edge it complements the face with fullness.

Short choppy layers for ladies with round faces.

Choppy layers of short hair catch the attention of women blessed with round faces. This hairstyle offers a natural movement so they are best for fine hair. If you add layers to the crown it gives the illusion of thick hair and enhances the shape of your face. 

Flattering short haircut for women above 50

This style is ideal for women over 50. This cut gives volume to the crown area and makes a perfect hairstyle for round faces. Women above 50s love short hair as they are easy to maintain and style. Ladies who don’t have enough time for styling will love pixie for sure.

The classic bob with bangs for round-faced women

This haircut is timeless and classic. If you have hair of black colour then it is a blessing in disguise. It is cut of one length and it is going to stay with you for longer. This style greatly depends on the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. If you want to keep this style for a longer period you have to get them reshaped every five to six weeks.

Trendy angled bob on short hair

This is a short, angled, and blunt hairstyle with beach waves. It is very easy to style and look beautiful on round faces. This is perfect for women who want a hairstyle with less maintenance. You can wear this hairstyle with both curly and straight hair without much effort. If you have naturally curly hair, use curl cream to enhance the waves. If you have straight hair, you can create volume by using a round brush and blow dryer to make them look sleeker.

Stylish asymmetrical bob for chubby face

This hairstyle is chic, dramatic, and stylish. This hairstyle will enhance your neck, chin, and cheekbones these all are the sexy features of a young lady. This is a classic cut and can be worn on your natural textured hair. This cut requires maintenance to attain the shape.

Trending haircut for long hair

Platinum long layered hair

Long hair with layers is in trend for so long. Young ladies shadow their roots with tresses of platinum.

Long layers with bangs

You can play with scissors and extensions when you style long layers with bangs. Blending the layers with brown shades can do a great job for a beautiful hairstyle.

Platinum blonde layering

If you have strong facial features it can be diminished by a perfect long layered hairstyle. To add a modern look you can blend your dark roots to the platinum blonde hair.

Shaggy layered waves with side part

The side part with layered waves can give a gorgeous look this fall season. For this look, you have to give lots of dimensions to your hair.

Layered and long curtain bangs

These styles give a chick and feminine look. Layered and long hair with curtain bangs will frame you and emphasized your cheeks. For a beautiful and softer look, blend your hair with a brown golden shade.

Very long V-cut layers

This is ideal for medium hair length and layers can get by step cutting technique. This hair look is ideal for ladies with thin hair as it adds dimensions.

Hairstyles for men with short hair (2)

Short blowout with tapered sides

This style gives a relaxed and contemporary look and when it is partnered with tapered sides it keeps the look sharp and clean overall.

Bowl cut

This is a style of the 1990s and it is back that looks trendier than ever before. This style can be worn with combing neatly or left dishevelled.

Bowl cut with side-swept bangs

If you need something different than bowl cut then you should try side-swept bangs. This combination is more trendy than the traditional look.

Buzzcut with shaved design

If a simple buzz cut is too old for your taste then you should try a unique shaved in design.

Caesar cut

This style is ideal for men who want short hair with sharp edges.

Classic comb back style

This style is perfect for your office look. You can create this style by simply combing your short strands to the back and it will give you a classic and polished look.

Classic pompadour

This style is very popular among stylish gents. This style was well known back in 1950, but still, it looks cool and classic in 2021.