Cloud services are the wide range of services delivered to the customers via internet. These services are very easy to access and affordable also. These are designed in that way that they do not need any hardware or any other internet infrastructure.

Most of the people are not aware of the fact that they are using cloud services all day from checking their emails to collaborating as a team on a document via internet.

The most important thing is that cloud services provide all the necessary infrastructure and software’s without demanding any investments or any other resources. You really don’t need extra IT staff for managing of services and devices. Cloud services provide an easy access for businesses and increasing user needs. There are numerous cloud services that require monthly or annual subscription or the companies might also need to pay for on premises software license.

Who offers cloud services?

There are many companies who offer the cloud services. The list of best cloud services providers might be very long, here are a few of them. Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google cloud, Alibaba cloud, IBP (cloud), sales force and SAP.

The services of cloud computing are categorized into different types. The first type is IAAS(+ Infrastructure as a service). These services include the provision of basic infrastructure, Operating system, Virtual machines and storage on rent basis. The other type is PaaS (Platform as a service). This type is mainly concerned with developing and maintaining different software’s. This is same as IAAS but provides some other tools which are DBMS and BI services. The third type is Saas (Software as a services). This involves helping the users connect to the application through internet on the basis of monthly or annual subscriptions. Examples are Google Drive, Zendesk, Drop Box, etc.

Providers of cloud services

There are some cloud services providers which are excellent in their services and well known for that. We will discuss them one by one.

  1. The first cloud service provider is pcloud. This is used for storing, sharing and working together on the files. The important thing is that it can be accessed on different devices at any time.

There are many facilities that are provided by these cloud providers. These are Team & access level, shared folders, connect to files via linking and Activity Monitoring. There are some features of pcloud that make it even more reliable.

It is best for management of files like from web, desktop or mobiles. There is a multiple sharing option available on it. It also provides backup of photos and other media files that are present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Picasa. The most important feature is that it provides encryption for data security also.

  1. Another important cloud service provider is known as cloudways. This provider is ideal for the agencies, SMB, developers and also for those who want to manage hassle-free hosting and enhance their business process.

The notable feature is that it is a product of PAAS with five choices of IAAS. These choices include AWs, Google cloud, Digital Ocean, Linoda and Vults. It is also possible to develop unlimited PHP applications like WordPress, custom PHP, Magneto and Woo commerce on Cloudways managed services.

This cloud services provider has a backup server, maintained regularly at very normal and cheap cost. It provides many security components like secure managed hosting platforms protected by firewalls, IFA, IP Whitelisting and others function like that.

  1. The other top rated cloud service provider is AWS (Amazon Web service). This is a secure and protected cloud service provider. The usage of AWS cloud service provider would be to host a static website.

The notable feature is that the user can make complicated applications through it which would be trustworthy, scalable and flexible. For the initial experience, they give the first trial free of cost. If customer is satisfied with that, they can take monthly or annual subscription as well. This shows that Amazon Web service provider is doing a great job and providing their amazing services to their users.

  1. Microsoft Azure is another famous cloud services provider which is highly recommended for developing, testing, applying and managing applications. This was also known as Window Azure in the past.

They also provide thirty days trial period for the satisfaction of their users. A free trial version is available worldwide for checking the accessibility of the provider.

  1. Last but not the least, Google cloud platform is another important cloud services provider. There are many developers and enterprise clients that use Google cloud as an integrated storage for their live data storage. This provider provides free trials with various payment plans that are specially based on (PAYG).

Cost for cloud service

The cost of best premise-based cloud services should be between 10-15k dollars. On the other hand, the best cloud-based software might cost between 70-100k dollars. There are different types of packages available on different providers. The cost starts                                                   from 52.12 dollars for the 2TB per year and for many also cost seventy-four sixty-two dollars for 5TB per year. There are various packages for the businesses also. They provide flexible planning for the business and companies as per demand. The company will charge the user up to seventy-four point six two dollars for two fifty GB. The current cost of Amazon is starting from hundred GB for nineteen point nine per year and they introduce 1TB for fifty-nine points ninety-nine. For 30 TB the cost of Amazon is one thousand seven hundred ninety nine dollars as per year. This is the current cost price of this service provider.