Medical conditions that have not increased much and have just started at the moment may be treated with the help of some natural remedies at home, and for COPD as well this approach applies.

Medical conditions which are specifically related to lungs cause to be a problem in the airways and this is always a very big risk. People who have lung issues may experience breathing problem too which is always a life threatening problem. COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and it occurs when the airways of the lung are inflamed causing varying symptoms.

Types of COPD

There are two kinds of COPD which are found commonly among people:

Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic Bronchitis is a condition where the bronchial tubes tend to get inflamed and this condition starts to build up. With this kind of COPD the patient may face symptoms like constant cough and too much of phlegm.


In this kind of COPD the alveoli which is at one end of the bronchial tube tend to get destroyed because of smoking, this is why smokers are at a serious risk of lung damage. The gas and the smoke of cigarette leads to damage this part hence causing too much cough to the patient.

How to know its COPD?

Every disease is identified over a proper and official diagnosis by the doctor and when it comes to COPD as well official diagnosis is definitely a must but a few symptoms which highlight this condition may include the following:

  • Difficulty in breathing after or during workout, or too much of the physical strain.
  • Wheezing sounds produced while breathing and sleeping all the time.
  • Feeling of a tightened chest causing pain and discomfort.
  • A cough which is followed by yellow colored mucus every time.
  • Painful and swelled joints of hands and legs.
  • Respiratory infections caused constantly.
  • Fatigue and unexplained weight loss.

Reasons for the Cause of COPD (i)

Every medical disease has an underlying cause which leads it to be a huge disease and when it comes to COPD as well, there could be numerous reasons which lead to its development a few of which may comprise of the following:

  • The biggest and the foremost reason which leads to the development of this condition is the habit of smoking, no matter you smoke cigarette, tobacco, marijuana or cigar any form of tobacco smoke is harmful for the lungs and sooner or later it leads to this condition to develop.
  • People who are asthmatic are at a very high risk of developing this kind of condition as asthma causes the airways to get inflamed and later on its converts to COPD if not taken care of properly.
  • People subjected to the environments having too much of chemical emission or fumes emission may also be at a risk of COPD because the inhaled toxic material is always very harmful for the lungs.
  • If a person lives in a house which is not properly ventilated and the smell and fumes of gas while cooking do not leave the house properly such people are also at a risk of developing COPD condition.
  • Some deficiencies in the body also lead to this disease to evolve and cause trouble to the people who have weak lungs.

Getting Rid of COPD at Home (ii)

If your COPD condition has been identified and is labelled as a mild one you may get rid of this condition by way of following some basic home remedies and prevention of certain activities, people have healed completely with these remedies after suffering from the condition in the longer run.

  • People suffering from COPD must in the first place quit smoking, if you have the habit of smoking it is the primary cause of your disease and the sooner you get rid of this habit the sooner this condition would leave you. Also, if you have someone ta home having this habit make sure they quit it too because of them you might develop COPD as a passive smoker.
  • Keep your house well ventilated, keep your windows open and let the air pass out of the house, cooking fumes, chemical fumes must not be retained inside the home and shall be released properly so that you may breathe air which is free from toxins and allows you to get rid of conditions like COPD.
  • Breathing exercises help a lot in getting rid of COPD, you may make a routine to have such exercises at least two a day as it will lessen down the COPD condition and will help improving the breathing ability of your lungs.
  • Try to keep your stress levels managed, people who have COPD must avoid all kinds of stress and anxiety because these two things boost the disease and this causes the condition t get worsen.
  • Maintain a balanced weight by having appropriate healthy diet and routine exercise, people who are underweight are at a risk of developing this condition and similarly people who are obese are also susceptible to have COPD attacks make sure to control your weight properly.
  • It has been concluded that people who have a habit of engaging into water based exercises may actually improve their condition despite of having COPD because it makes the lung function better, so involve into swimming and other water exercises.
  • Get yourself checked for different deficiencies and try to keep in touch with the supplements which are used for making your Vitamin D better as its deficiency causes many diseases and people with COPD and vitamin D deficiency are likely to be at more risk so managing this deficiency may help you to cure COPD.
  • Try to inhale essential oils like Eucalyptus in a boiling water as it releases the inflammation in your lungs and hence makes breathing and COPD symptoms better, so make sure to consider this approach when suffering from COPD.

COPD condition may get better if you take good care of yourself and avoid all those things that boost the condition, make sure to keep yourself away from smoking once you have identified the condition or it will keep on increasing with time.