Psoriasis is a very common skin disease which is these days witnessed among many people and may be treated at home with a bunch of home remedies, so make sure to try some and get some relief.

Medical conditions of different kinds prevails all over the world and among them some may be affecting your skin badly, psoriasis is one of them. This skin disease tends to develop patches on the different parts of body in the form of thick layer in red or white color. These patches tend to be very dry and if not cured properly on time may cause to bleed as well.

Parts of Body Susceptible to Psoriasis (i)

Psoriasis is a kind of rash which may develop anywhere on the body but there are certain kinds of areas on our body where the chance of psoriasis development is very common and these areas may comprise of the following:

  • Nails of fingers and toes very commonly get affected by psoriasis.
  • The joints where by knees and elbows move tend to develop this condition.
  • Some people even witness this condition in their mouth.
  • Facial skin may develop these rashes.
  • Head is also susceptible to develop these rashes.

Causes of Psoriasis

Every illness has some or the other causes which makes them develop and similar is the case with psoriasis as well, when it comes to their development there could be a bunch of reasons which lead to cause them and a few of them comprise of the following:

  • Sometimes it is your immune system that responds very differently and hence such layers tend to grow on your skin causing it to have rashes due to inflammation.
  • It may be a genetic disorder whereby someone in your family may have this condition and it tends to pass from one generation to another.
  • Some skin wounds leave away this kind of rash.
  • The emotional stress causes dis-balance of chemicals in the body which again causes inflammation and it may show up on the skin in the form of psoriasis.
  • People who have a dry skin and who avoid humid weather and keep their skin dry also are susceptible to develop this condition.

How to Identify Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a kind of disease which is very easy to identify, with a bunch of a few symptoms you may easily conclude that you tend to suffer from this kind of skin disease, a few such symptoms are:

  • Pain the joints
  • Cracks and white patches on the nails making them look decayed
  • Cracks on the skin
  • Itchy dry patches on the different body parts
  • Red rashes leads to release blood and showing up with white scales.

Treating Psoriasis at Home (ii)

A lot of people may visit a skin specialist to get their psoriasis treated and they may be recommended some kind of ointments which prove to be of much help but if someone wishes to opt for natural remedies to treat psoriasis at home there could be many helpful options in this case as well, some of them are provided below:

Soaking in Salts

These days different kinds of slats have proven to be of much help for different health conditions, same applies for psoriasis too. If you wish to get rid of psoriasis on your skin you may choose to soak the affected parts either in Epsom salt or dead sea salt as both are pretty much beneficial and mixing them in warm water for soaking makes the benefits more appealing.

Aloe Vera Application

Aloe Vera is the natural healer for a lot of skin conditions no matter what skin disease you have you may blindly apply the gel and get rid of the condition in no time. Also, if you do not want to use the plant gel then you may choose to have a cream based on Aloe Vera and that could also work wonders.

Consumption of Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are also good for internal health and when your internal health is good there won’t be any external outcomes too. The omega 3 helps reducing the inflammation in the body and hence this in turns reduces the impact of psoriasis as well, you may choose to consume the foods rich in omega 3 like flaxseeds, nuts, fish and seeds rich in omega 3.

Application of Turmeric Paste

Turmeric paste has miraculous benefits for almost all skin disease and it applies for psoriasis too you may mix some amount of turmeric in water and apply this paste on the impacted part and within a few days the rash will go and your skin will be clean.

Weight Control

Many people to tend to develop this condition due to obesity and sometimes people who have this condition already it may worsen with obesity so make sure to keep your weight under control and keep your diet healthy by consuming vegetables and fruits and avoid all kinds of fatty foods which tend to increase weight.

Keeping Body Moist

People suffering from psoriasis must keep their body hydrated and moist, use of humidifier and different kinds of moisturizes at the scaly patches may help a lot in reducing the damage caused by psoriasis and with the passage of time the scaly patches tend to go away leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Home remedies are definitely very helpful in relieving all kinds of symptoms but they take a lot of time and in this case along with them you must not leave the prescriptions of doctors as the medicines offered by them have immediate result whereas in case of mild psoriasis these remedies may be suitable. Also, when you are suffering from such kind of condition makes sure to keep your body clean and free from sweat because the bacteria in the sweat may cause the patches to burn and they take time to heal this way, the more care you will take of the patches the better would be your condition and these patches will then go away in no time, it is all about the right care and timely diagnosis.