Scrap is a left-over product or parts during manufacturing and demolishing of different parts of vehicles, building supplies and surplus other materials.


Scrap has its own value because it might be used in recovering many important metals, non-metals and it is used in recycling as well.

Scrapper provides his services in this regard. He collects scrap metal from people who don’t need it and sells it to other people.

Junk yard is the place where scrap is often taken, it is also known as scrapyard. The useless scrap is first sorted out into different apparent categories. Then metals are melted and molded into different shapes or products. Sometimes people prefer to buy the junk or left over scrap metal as is and sometimes they prefer melted and separated version of different metals.

Pros/Benefit of recycling metal scrap

There are many pros of recycling the metal scrap. Research from Environmental Protection Agency in US says that scrap that comes from metal recycling can prove to be quite beneficial for the environment. The most common benefits are given below.

  • Energy conservation
  • Lesser need of manufacturing new raw materials from scratch
  • Reduction in air pollution
  • Reduction in excessive water usage
  • Reduction in water pollution

Another benefit is that for every ton of new steel that is made from scrap can save up to 1100kgs of iron core, 625kgs of coal, and 53kgs of lime-stone as well.

The other energy saving benefit from reusing metal includes energy savings of up to 95% in manufacturing aluminum, 85% for copper, 65% for lead and 60% for zinc manufacturing.

Benefits of metal scraping from economical point of view

According to the latest statistics, metal scraping provides five lac jobs in the metal scraping industry. According to the federal and local receipts from the metal scraping industry and companies the total income grosses up to ten billion dollars.

In total, metal scraping generated ninety billion dollars across the fifty states. This really shows that metal scraping companies such as General Kinematics have great economic value.

Metal scrap is very beneficial in generating new products from the recycled metals. The best way to do this is to convert useless metals into useful household products and equipment. In this way, a lot of energy, effort, time and resources can be saved.

Research shows that US processes more than two hundred fifty billion lbs. of scrap, the weight of which is equals to seventy million cars annually.

Another advantage is that we can make one of the most commonly used material called steel from it. Steel is used in almost everything, defense, buildings, utensils, highways, appliances and what not. Therefore, using scrap metal to make products of steel can prove to be very beneficial from economic perspective as well.

Where can metal scrap be collected from

Most of the car or appliances repair shops have a lot of useless metal parts removed or repaired from the appliances and cars. There are the shops we should visit to collect the metal scraps.

There are many industries and factories that have ‘’bone yards ‘’. Bone yards or metal bone yards are places where waste metals or useless metals are kept. These bone yards are available in smaller manufacturing companies or industries also.

Bone yards is like a warehouse in which waste metal or damaged steel pallet racking, or other unwanted metal is kept. This is either because they are too busy to manage it, or because it’s taking up valuable space.

Such companies or metal bone yards usually wish to get rid of these scrap metals as soon as possible. Therefore, if you own a small business or willing to start a new one you can take the steel and reuse it meanwhile, they’ll be able to get rid of it. This will really help you in expanding your future business.

However, if the business is located in the farming area then there are many dump sites used by the ranches and farmer. These farmers dump their old equipment, cars, machinery parts and instruments in those dumps.  However, before doing this you must take the permission of the owners before entering their property. This is very important thing to remember in this regard.

Dumpsters are another important source of finding scrap metals. However, you should take the permission of the owner while entering or diving in the dumpster.

If there are shooting ranges located near you. They can also provide great opportunities for you to collect the discharge shells. There are many brass shells gathered there. They usually sell these scraps. Important thing is that while collecting discharge shells you must contact the local range as soon as possible.

Construction and renovation sites are also among one of the best options for collecting metal scraps. However, you can’t take anything from the construction site, not even from the dumpster without any written permission.

Therefore, if you don’t take permission from the owner, they might get angry and sue you for the scrap theft. The good thing is if you work on the construction site, then this will be a great situation for all. It might help in cleaning the debris of all the projects while organizing the substantial source of scrap metal.

Cost and prices of scrap metals

The prices of metal scrap changes with the passage of time. It doesn’t remain constant. There are so many online apps that give the current prices of metal scrap. It also depends upon the type of metal. Different metals have different market prices.

Here’s a brief pricing guide.

  • The price of melting steel is one hundred forty five dollar per ton.
  • The price of sheet iron is one hundred thirty five dollar per ton.
  • The price of cast iron is one hundred ten per ton.
  • The price of appliances is 0.07 dollars.