Beds are exclusive home furniture, and without them, any home would be considered as incomplete. Beds are the real comforter in providing sweet and sound sleep and there are so many varieties of beds from wooden design to most luxurious new technological beds with TV and Tabs.

Types of beds: (1)

People are unaware of the features and varieties in the design and shape of different beds so they usually end up buying just a regular bed without searching much. In the market, there’s a huge variety of beds available from simple to the most luxurious ones, and some major types of beds are as follows:

Bed types based on sizes:

Twin: It is the smallest bed in the market specially designed for children, and single people. Their small size provides large room space and the bed dimensions could be around 38”×75” and 96.5cm × 190.5 cm.

Twin XL: this size bed is 5 inches longer than the twin bed and it targets tall teenagers, flat rooms and they are single sleeper beds. Dimensions of this bed are 38”×80” and 96.5× 203 cm.

Full size:  it is known as the double bed and it is sixteen-inch larger than a twin bed. These beds are ideal for guest rooms. Bed dimensions are 53”×75” and 134.5cm ×190.5 cm.

Queen: This bed with its heavy body structure best in 10×10 feet room and suitable for couples. The dimensions of Queen Beds are generally 60”×80” and length of 152.5 cm × 203 cm

King: In the standard market of beds this size is known as the king of all sizes and gives impressive space for the single person who loves to stretch all night and also for the couples having kids and pets. The dimension of the king bed is   76”×80” and 193cm ×203cm.

Types of Beds based on design:

Daybed: It is some sort of unique design with multiple purposes such as bed, sofa, and bench. With its luxury stylings, it serves people in different places like homes, guest rooms, offices as well as patios. It may like a futon but not as much comfortable as a daybed.

Waterbed: It is a very technical term used for the beds in which water is filled to give the therapy effect to the body by heating it. These beds are unique from the spring or memory beds and provide good physical and warm sleep. It will help to give relief in body pains e.g. muscle and joints.

Bookcase bed: This bed is a great invention for book readers who will not sleep until they read a book from their favorite book collection. This bed is designed to give handsome bookshelf space in headboard or down floor drawers.

Murphy bed: These beds are also known as the beds of walls and down beds. The purpose behind the Murphy bed is to give large room space along the bedsides. It has an area for a hinge that helps the bed to fold into it providing maximum space. These beds are successful in small studios and small living apartments.

Ottoman bed: ottoman beds come with the design of pulling upward with the gas lifter hydraulic pressure and these beds are designed in such a manner to provide a large storage area under the sleeping mattress. This storage space is very useful in storing pillows, blankets, and many other useful utensils

Panel bed: this bed has the feature of rails at the head and foot side that give support to the heavy size mattress. The body frame of this bed is made of wood panels that helps in breathing.

Hanging Bed:  these beds are designed with the concept of swinging during sleep, same as in the garden between two trees. These are attached to the ceilings and roofs and are perfect for those who love to sleep while swinging.

Magnetic floating bed: This is a very uncommon and quite expensive bed of the new era because they can float magnetically in the room space. In the bed material, permanent magnets are indulged and with the help of opposite magnets, it tends to float in the space.

Foam bed: These are also known as memory or latex mattresses and specially made for giving catchy sleep to different parts of the body and tend to absorb the body movements that provide support to the painful parts and give relief.

Adjustable beds: The most common use of adjustable beds are seen in hospitals but now in the modern age and according to the demand of seniors and adults it is also introduced in daily life as luxury beds. Some benefits of this bed are that it provides ease for sleep Apnea, fibromyalgia, Edema, and acid reflux. There are different frames available that help the consumer to adjust them according to their needs.

Brands of Beds: (2)

Top five brands of bed that is fully loaded with luxury, comfort, and styling.  Luxury never means you have an expensive car, home, or other things it is also used for comfortable sleep and relaxation time. The most well-known brands of beds are as follows:

POLIFIORM– an Italian brand giving services to the market for more than 50 years

MINOTTI-It is also an Italian brand known for its technological features of lighting and entertainment.

Schramm– it is the name of the German bed, their mission is to provide natural homemade material and quality that never disappoint their customers.

INTERLUBKE– this brand also belongs to German that provides luxury beds with beautiful color schemes. They believe in following the current trend of the market and provide unique designs to the customers according to their configuration.

Riva 1920- this brand is famous for its elegant designs in bed and furniture of wooden made.

Prices of beds:

  • The prices of adjustable beds of model AMERISLEEP and ZOMA adjustable bed ranges from $840-$1680. Model GHOSTBED available from $1199-$2398.
  • Murphy beds are a bit expensive as compared to Adjustable beds and available at the price of $1000 to $6000.
  • The price of the queen and king-size beds is in the range of $600 to $1200.
  • The hanging bed price in the market is from $1290 to $2000.