Propane is a gas that is obtained from the refining process of crude oil or petrochemicals. When propane is compressed at low pressure then it is converted into useable gas known as LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). Propane is a hydrocarbon with the formula of C3H8, it tends to catch fire so it is helpful in many ways such as in vehicles and households.

Where does propane come from? (1)

The refining process of propane gas is very interesting because it is a by-product that comes from another combustible gas known as natural gas in the result of refrigeration, and also from oil refinery during the extraction of crude oil by using a distillation process. After isolating propane, it is prepared to be stored in the tanks in the form of liquid by applying high pressure. It is then delivered to the nearby stores and propane dealers for daily household consumption.

For what purpose propane is used?

The demand for propane in the United States of America is very high due to its useful properties such as for cooking food in the kitchen. The propane tanks are easily manageable and portable in small size, so it is very easy to carry while going on a barbecue party or picnics. It is also easy to filing the pool, patios, and spa heating.

In many industries like textiles, agriculture, and builder businesses, propane plays a vital role to provide desired results at affordable prices.

  • In agriculture, it is used to dry the crop by using dryer equipment.
  • In buildings, propane is used for heating and it provides power to much strong equipment like forklifts and lawnmowers.

Some benefits of propane:

  • Propane is Eco-friendly: Propane has a low content of carbon and hydrogen so upon burning it produces clean smoke as compared to other traditional gases. It is more powerful because it uses less energy as compared to other energy production sources such as diesel, petroleum, and electricity. It contains 2 percent more power than natural gas.
  • Safety with propane: propane has the capability of emitting gases that are less dangerous than the gases emitted by the greenhouse. If the tank gets leaked, unfortunately, it will not cause any problem or contamination in water/soil; ultimately it is a safer product to use at home.
  • Affordable prices: In the United States of America propane is a surplus in the supply of propane. Therefore, the propane prices are affordable. It may vary from state to state due to weather and other factors but on average propane is available as a budgeted housing gas. Since it is a clean source of energy so some states also give incentives over using the propane.

Propane pricing:

In the United States, propane price per gallon is around $0.82. It changes on daily basis according to demand and supply among different states.

The propane pricing varies with different ratios according to some factors such as:

  • The geographical area where the propane is delivered and consumed
  • The demand for the propane
  • Weather conditions
  • Usage and many more other factors.

Propane Residential pricing program by Amerigas: (2)

Americans welcome their new customers by giving them promotional prices on market rate in the first year of their order by getting a quote from the online website of Amerigas. There is another option with fixed prices promotion but it is restricted to some areas only.

Different schemes are available, by which you can avail the Amerigas in affordable pricing:

Market price: For a new customer, the market price is the basic and useful option to avail propane because according to market price; you will get the low filling price in the first year of your consumption. Market prices fluctuate every day on the active price of propane.

Fixed prices: To confirm the area where the promotions on fixed prices are given, call them on their toll-free number and get your required information. If the fixed price program is applicable in your area they will inform you immediately.

Guaranteed price program: This program works differently to facilitate their users such as:

  • Pre Buy: In this way, you can select your estimated propane gallons per year afterward they will issue you a fixed price on that gallon that you have to pay them in advance. It benefits you in a sense; if the prices fluctuate it will never affect your contract with the company until you use all of your estimated gallons.
  • AmeriLock: In this type of contract you pay an enrolment fee first, then you became eligible for the fixed price per year in which you can use unlimited propane cylinders and you will pay the company on every delivery of your propane grill.

Storing of propane:

There are two methods to storing the propane gas one is indoor and the other is outdoor both are safe options if you consider the right protocols about the propane grill settings properly.

Outdoor storing:

  • Storing propane outside in winter is not a problem because the freezing point never affects propane until you cover the propane cylinder in winter. After all, covering them will decrease their efficiency and may damage the propane cylinder.
  • In summer or warm conditions, propane must be positioned at a shaded area or on the flat surface but kept in mind that the outlet nozzle is not facing the ground.

Indoor storing:

  • Do not place the propane tank near your living space or area that is directly attached to your home. Place it in your garage under the shade and make sure that contact with the sunlight is avoided.
  • Place tank in that area where no electric wire or connection is present or any other flammable item.

Useful tips for storing:

  • Off the gas valve before storing the tank filled with propane
  • Never use the expired or damaged tank
  • It must be kept above temperature 120 °F in summer and above -40 °F in winter.

Where to get propane tanks?

From the step of filling to delivering the propane tank to the customers, there are more than 54000 outlets of Amerigas from where customers can purchase, refill and replace their tanks. While searching, you will see a bar from where you can locate the nearest refill point. For the convenience of their customers, Amerigas installed the automatic refill machine, in that machine you just enter the amount of the propane you want and place it on the machine. It will auto-refill that propane tank.