The computer is a device that is used to store, process, and analyze data of a different kind. In the modern age of technology, the role of computers in our life has changed the dynamics of routine work. As compared to early computers, today’s computers are faster, more efficient, and easier to manage.

Useful parts of Computers: (1)

Some parts of the computer are very important, without that, computers cannot function properly and these parts are as follows:

  • Processor is responsible for the proper execution of information given from software or hardware
  • Memory plays a vital role in carrying software like windows and other useful operating systems.
  • The motherboard is the main board where all the other parts of the computer are connected.
  • Storage device: it can store your data for unlimited time as long as your computer is functioning; storage in the form of a hard drive helps you to store your media and other files.
  • Input devices connect the users with its computer and are the mean of communication and giving the command to computers.
  • Output devices help you to view the features that you are using with the help of a monitor screen display.

Types of computer:

Based on operations and capacities there are different types of computers such as:

  • Microcomputers: it is the basic type of computer which posses small processing units and limited storage. These are designed for daily internet browsing, collecting different kinds of data for business via the internet, and for Microsoft office to make presentations and reports. Minicomputers include the devices such as a Desktop, Laptop, smartphones, tablets, and personal digital assistance.
  • Minicomputers: the second name of this type is Midrange computer which is a multitask performer that multiple users can use at the same time. Departments with similar operations use this type of computer to ensure the accuracy of the work without repetition. For example in a university, the fee collection department works by synchronization with different computers of financial officers, and the same details are shared across all the systems that enabled every officer to have the same kind of information regarding fee collection.
  • Mainframe Computers: In working it is similar to minicomputers but it manages the multi-user on a large scale with a large range of data. It not only works in a single department, but it can also work across many departments and share the same information to minimize errors. Large enterprises like Government institutions, hospitals, universities, and insurance companies use this type of computer.
  • Supercomputers: it is also known as the task-oriented computer on large scale with a heavy amount of data storage. Its processing speed is within seconds. These are very expensive devices and installed in heavy industries like petroleum, Engineering, weather forecasting, and Atomic energy plants. Recently NASA launches the supercomputer to access and examine the space changes.
  • Work Stations: it is also like a microcomputer with the feature of single-user but slightly different in operations. It has a stronger and heavy microprocessor with high quality LED screen. It is specially designed to work in stations that include architectural designs, engineering models, and software designs.

Computer in daily life:

Life without a computer is impossible now because computers are now involved in our daily activities like shopping, traveling, education, and in business firms. Some of the common examples are as follow:

  • ATM: for withdrawal of money you put instructions in a system which read and access it and send the money out of machine according to your command and the whole process is done by a computer.
  • Digital Currency: so many smartphone apps have been introduced that share the information of your money in the bank and allow you to pay utility bills and all the process is done through a computer in the form of digital currency.
  • Trading: computers are involved in trading via internet protocols and the stock market use computers to forecast data and enable the individual for trading.
  • VoIP: We can use the computer for calling others via voice over internet protocol and all the communication is done by a computer.

Operating systems:

The operating system is a kind of software that helps the Computers to open the user interface on the computer screen and it helps play games, use the browsers and Microsoft office, etc.

Top-rated operating systems with their share percentage in the market are:

  • Windows with a market share of 40.34
  • Android with 37.95 percent share.
  • iOS share is 15.44
  • Mac OS 4.43℅
  • Linux 0.95
  • Chrome OS 0.14
  • Windows Phone OS with the least share of 0.06.

Desktop computers: (2)

Desktop computers are the first mini-size computer that is easily kept on the desk with input devices like a keyboard mouse and monitor for display. Some of the major brands of desktop computers are as follows with prices according to 2021.

  • Acer Aspire TC-895-UA91: is the top-class model available for $426.99 at Amazon. This model has the feature of core i3 10th generation with compact design features such as USB and SD card slots, along with an optical drive. Some negative of this PC includes, PSU is not standardized and limited in graphic configuration.
  • Dell inspires small Desktop (3471): the other great option in desktop version with an affordable price of $349.99. It is manufactured with the design of the tower and has a storage capacity of 1TB along with a slot of SD card. In the Core i3 model, just 8GB RAM is not compatible to give high performance, as the Windows also uses a fair share of RAM.

Laptop computers:

It is a small design portable personal computer that tends to function without a plug because it has battery backup. It is more in demand than computers because you can take it anywhere you want. Some of the top laptops of the marker are as follows:

  • Apple MacBook Air (M1) for $949.9.
  • Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is available at the price of $198,99 from Amazon
  • Dell XPS 13 (9310) the third most reliable laptop at $930.99 from Dell company.


It is a tablet or laptop design model that is supportive of the Linux Operating system. They are useful with long battery timings and comparatively low prices. Some of the handy Chromebooks of the market are as follow:

  • Acer Chromebook Spin 713 is the top-rated device in the computer market with a price tag of $749 from Amazon.
  • Lenovo Chromebook Duet at a price range of $249 from Walmart.
  • Dell Chromebook 11 (3100) in price $239 from Dell technologies.