Voice over internet protocol is a kind of telephone service that functions with the help of the internet. This service is a combination of different technologies that work collectively and provide the facility of voice calling and attending online meeting sessions via IP.

How VoIP works? (1)

The working principle of VoIP is not difficult because for using VoIP you just need a fast broadband internet service that is connected to your mobile set or computer. The VoIP converts your analog voice signals into digital signals over the IP and reaches the receiver’s end. You can use it with your internet or you can choose any service provider that fits your budget and gives the desired features. If you use VoIP through an organized channel or provider then it will make your call more efficient and clear.

As VoIP is the internet facility so it gives you the security of your data via the cloud in which all your call logs, business phone numbers, and new contact numbers are managed by an online dashboard provided by a VoIP provider.

VoIP for businesses:

VoIP is the best internet tool for businesses that gives the real command to enterprises to stay connected to their employees and it is not expensive as other internet services are. One of the best advantages you can get from VoIP is that the service provider ensures you the best professional communicating feature with flexibility at low prices.

Cost of VoIP for a business:

On average, VoIP serves you at very low rates starting from $20-$40 per user. For a standard IP user, the VoIP starts at the rate of $70, and these charges can be leased in just a few dollars on monthly basis. Some VoIP providers may charge you for the cost of installation of accessories like setup and porting services.

Top Features related to VoIP:

VoIP beyond its cost-saving characteristic also possesses handy features that make VoIP a serious service provider in developing the interest among different business entities.

Some of the attractive options of VoIP are as follows:

  • Unlimited calling service: you can call anywhere anytime within the premises of Canada and the USA without time limitation. It will save your money against traditional calling.
  • Online faxing: through VoIP, you can send or receive countless faxes just like your email services and it requires no wiring setup or hardware.
  • Auto-Attendant: In customer service enterprises where the call lines remain busy and customers have to wait long, in these situations VoIP is best in attending the calls and engaging the customers till the company service lines get free.
  • HD Voice Quality: Give you high and excellent voice quality for calling that didn’t create a distraction while calling.
  • Conference call: It allows up to 9 participants while meeting in business firms. It provides the best quality HD calling and recording call history.
  • Team Collaboration: It allows different employees of the company to stay connected via VoIP, fast screen sharing feature and video connectivity help the employees to get the job done as quickly as possible.

VoIP Companies: (2)

VoIP with cloud storage offers so many options for business firms because it allows the company owners to build a strong relationship with every employee and to communicate with them even when they are doing work from home.

Some of the best business partners VoIP providers are:

  1. Intermedia Unite: It is available at intermedia.com at a price range of $15.99 to $32.99, a great platform with PBX that offers various features in which UCaaS is a unique addition.


  • Fully organized and customized option in functions that any small and medium enterprises can easily access.


  • Call monitor service is limited
  • Sometimes gets faulty in giving the right command to the right person in video conferencing.
  1. RingCentral: It earns a high rating of 4.5/5 among its competitors and stood 2nd in VoIP service providers due to some impressive capabilities.


  • Highly spread business in Europe, the United States, and Asia
  • Automatically judge the scenario of calling by Artificial intelligence feature
  • Best rates with many options in customization.


  • The report customization feature is limited
  • Not impressive workflow mechanism
  • Newer features need improvements such as in Team Collaboration.


  • The price of RingCentral is available in three packages as essential package cost is $19.99, and standard package cost $24.99, and premium packages in $34.99.
  1. Dialpad: it is the third-highest trending VoIP service Company with a 4/5 rating and it is known as the best smartphone that is User-friendly.


  • Automatic voice intelligence function that is supported with active call content.
  • Quick customer service with abrupt solutions
  • Synchronizing with Gmail and outlook services in a very smooth manner.


  • Video conferencing is expensive and charges $15 on every participant above 10.
  • No check for the quality of call and balance
  • Minimum customization option.


  • The price of this VoIP service is available in two packages, one is standard which costs $15 and the second is the pro package that is available for $25.
  1. 8×8 X-series: The X-series is a modification of 8×8 as it replaces virtual data office. With the new features, 8×8 has become stronger and added in UCaaS functional premises.


  • Many options in pricing plans
  • Very easy functioning and supportive with mobile and desktop.
  • Variety of options in the basic plan


  • It has some lagging while synchronizing contact from Google.
  • Google Calendar or outlook is the only two methods while having a scheduled meeting.
  1. Microsoft 365 Business Voice: It is the best VoIP service for the company that has over 300 employees and they needed the Microsoft teams for their project to run smoothly. This service can be hired from Microsoft365 for business at a minimum price of 15 US dollars on monthly basis.


  • It will save money by additional service of Microsoft office 365.
  • It gives the detailed feature of customization with Microsoft 365.
  • Easily accessible to mobile and computer apps incorporated with Microsoft teams


  • The calling plan through Microsoft is restricted to 3,000 minutes per month.
  • Dreary setup need an auto attendant


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