Team Collaboration Software:

This software helps in communication between groups or team members by providing them a talking room where they can also share documents and relevant data for their projects. This software is also referred to as the PROJECT MANAGEMENT or TASK MANAGEMENT software.

Why Team Collaboration Software is necessary? (1)

Many companies have lots of team members and employees that are working on some projects but in different areas, and at team meetings the presence of every employee is Compulsory, but due to many reasons everyone is not available at the same spot so to avoid this situation, companies use this software of team collaboration by which the availability of every employee is ensured.

To call up all the employees of the company from different areas of the states sound not beneficial for the financial status of the company. Team collaboration provides the opportunity of connecting with all of the company members by giving them special communication links that enables them to ensure their presence in the meetings by using this software.

Who can use team collaboration software?

During this pandemic phase, many companies and universities are closed due to lockdowns and increased ratio of Covid-19 cases. So, in this situation, team collaboration software is the platform by which most of the company’s stalk holders and university students can take advantage of. It is generally a cloud-based program that is very useful with access to the internet.

International companies whose businesses are set in other countries use this collaboration software to ensure the daily routine work progress and get in touch with their employees from any part of the world via internet protocol.

Features of team collaboration software:

Messaging: This is the simplest way of sharing the ideas and information regarding the projects and meeting in real-time, where any team member can read and share his right opinion in group collaboration.

File-sharing: In business meetings file or documents are the necessary part which provides complete facts and figures of reports, so team collaboration software give the tool for file sharing that helps in proper discussions for the team members.

Search: The collaboration software gives the search bar tool as well that can store the previous meeting reports and messages that were shared at that time. It helps to decrease the time and effort over arranging the old documents in meeting time.

Integration: Team collaboration software also provides the tool for integration that allows its users to connect with other software such as CONTENT MANAGEMENT or CRM.

VoIP and video meetings: Some of the team collaborators provide the VoIP option that helps the customers to get connected with their teammates using other communication ways without leaving the team collaboration application.

Task Management: This software gives its users the tool of arranging and managing the task according to the project priority, and status of the departments, Such as WORKFLOW SHEETS and PROGRESS CHARTS, etc.

Team collaboration software categories:

Depending upon the area and work intensity team collaboration software provides different segmentation in team meetings all over the world. These are:

  • Collaborative Whiteboard Software
  • Employee intranet software
  • Screen sharing software
  • Virtual workplace software
  • Visual collaboration platforms software

Service providers of team collaboration software: (2)

Apps providers of collaborative whiteboard software are:

  • Lucidspark
  • Miro
  • Invision
  • Webex

Applications under the belt of employee intranet software are:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Workplace by Facebook
  • Yammer
  • HCL connection

Screen sharing Software has:

  • Zoom
  • Cisco Webex Meetings
  • GoTo Meetings
  • Google Hangouts Meet

In the virtual workplace category, some useful software is:

  • Walkabout Workplace
  • Sococo
  • Wurkr
  • Pragli

Visual collaboration platform software provides:

  • DEON
  • Concept board
  • Mural

Top-rated team collaboration software of 2021:

The following software is the best-ranked service providers these are as follows:

  • RingCentral
  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Wrike
  • Microsoft

RingCentral: This is the best well-known software provider all over the world for its services. There are more than 400,000 consumers all over the world. The trusted partners and Stalk holders of the RingCentral are, COLUMBIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY, FIRST BANK, WORLD VISION, AXA, and STUMPTOWN. It provides three kinds of services such as messages, Video calling, and phone.


The cost RingCentral charge against their service packages for small businesses and it will give you a 33℅ discount if you pay the service charge annually.

  • $19.99 per month for basic services in which unlimited business calls in U.S and Canada premises. And it can be used by 20 persons at a time.
  • $24.99 per month in a standard package that gives the free business call up to 100 countries, hundred participants allowed at one time in video meeting.
  • Charge $34.99 as a premium service in which 200 participants in a video meeting, auto call recorder, and eight extension numbers are provided with site codes.

Slack: it is the second-best option for team collaboration software that is available in the android app as well. It allows you to read and share information from anywhere you want. Slack has a broad network of 750,000 companies. Some major partners of slack are FOX, CARVANA, KIVA, and DEVA CURL. It has earned ratings of 4.7 among the best team collaboration software.

Price plan of slack:

  • It is free for small teams for unlimited time in which slack gives access to your recent ten thousand messages, an option to integrate with 10 other apps like, Google Drive, Microsoft office, etc. It also gives 1:1 Video and voice chatting with your teammates.
  • Standard package at the price of 6.67 US dollars per month. In this plan slack secure your information from a third party or person within slack and video meetings up to 15 teammates.

Asana: it is the third famous platform for different business teams that prefer asana as collaboration software and it is very favourite software adopted by more than 190 countries. SPOTIFY, OKTA, XERO, and SKY are the major partners of asana.

Package cost:

  • The basic package is free for everyone with some features like unlimited file storage capacity (100 MB per file), connection with 15 teammates at a time, and 100 plus integrations.
  • Its standard offers are named as premium at $10.99, in which a consumer can avail dashboard, admin console, private teams and projects, and unlimited free guests option.